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464 pages

The Two Faces of Tomorrow

Creator: James P. Hogan | Fiction - 1997-09-01

With technology rapidly outstripping humankind's ability to run it, an artificial intelligence program, complete with a survival instinct, called "Spartacus" is developed, but unexpected problems arise when it comes time to shut Spartacus ...

Publisher: Baen Books

About this book
By the mid-21st Century, technology had become much too complicated for humans to handle -- and the computer network that had grown up to keep civilization from tripping over its own shoelaces was also beginning to be overwhelmed. Something Had To Be Done.As a solution, Raymond Dyer's project developed the first genuinely self-aware artificial intelligence -- code name: Spartacus. But could Spartacus be trusted to obey its makers? And if it went rogue, could it be shut down? As an acid test, Spartacus was put in charge of a space station and programmed with a survival instinct. Dyer and his team had the job of seeing how far the computer would go to defend itself when they tried to pull the plug. Dyer didn't expect any serious problems to arise in the experiment.Unfortunately, he had built more initiative into Spartacus than he realized....And a superintelligent computer with a high dose of initiative makes a dangerous guinea pig.

444 pages

SBIR at the Department of Defense

Creator: Committee on Capitalizing on Science, Technology, and Innovation: An Assessment of the Small Business Innovation Research Program--Phase II, Board on Science, Technology, and Economic Policy, Policy and Global Affairs, National Research Council | Political Science - 2014-09-30

... Daniel H. Wagner Associates Reynolds Monach VP Research and Development Fetch Technologies Robert Landes CEO Giner Inc. Corey Mittelstaedt VP Technology iRobot Inc. Joseph Dyer Chief Strategy Officer Thomas Frost VP Strategy ...

Publisher: National Academies Press

About this book
Created in 1982 through the Small Business Innovation Development Act, the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program remains the nation's single largest innovation program for small business. The SBIR program offers competitive awards to support the development and commercialization of innovative technologies by small private-sector businesses. At the same time, the program provides government agencies with technical and scientific solutions that address their different missions. SBIR at the Department of Defense considers ways that the Department of Defense SBIR program could work better in addressing the congressional objectives for the SBIR program to stimulate technological innovation, use small businesses to meet federal research and development (R & D) needs, foster and encourage the participation of socially and economically disadvantaged small businesses, and increase the private sector commercialization of innovations derived from federal R&D. An earlier report, An Assessment of the Small Business Innovation Research Program at the Department of Defense, studied how the SBIR program has stimulated technological innovation and used small businesses to meet federal research and development needs. This report builds on the previous one, with a revised survey of SBIR companies. SBIR at the Department of Defense revisits some case studies from the 2009 study and develops new ones, and interviews agency managers and other stakeholders to provide a second snapshot of the program's progress toward achieving its legislative goals.

450 pages

The Palgrave Handbook of Posthumanism in Film and Television

Creator: Michael Hauskeller, Curtis D. Carbonell, Thomas D. Philbeck | Performing Arts - 2016-01-13

Michael Hauskeller, Curtis D. Carbonell, Thomas D. Philbeck ... Asimov, Isaac ( 2008) I, Robot, New York: Spectra. Attebery, Brian (1992) Strategies of ... Babich, Babette (2008) 'Nietzsche und Wagner: Sexualität', in Wagner und Nietzsche.

Publisher: Springer

About this book
What does popular culture's relationship with cyborgs, robots, vampires and zombies tell us about being human? Insightful scholarly perspectives shine a light on how film and television evince and portray the philosophical roots, the social ramifications and the future visions of a posthumanist world.

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Tom Wagner, Ph.D.
Tom Wagner is the CEO of an early stage concern, a founder of multiple pilot activities, and serves as an advisor to small companies and universities.

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Thomas A. Wagner has served as a member of the Board since March 25, 2011. He is a member of the Compensation Committee and the Governance/Nominating Committee.

Tom Wagner, Ph.D. | LinkedIn
Prior to joining iRobot, Wagner served as a program manager at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), ... Thomas Edwards Wagner, Ph.D.

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Thomas Wagner, Ph.D. Sr. Medical Physicist at University of Florida Health Cancer Center - Orlando Health. Location Orlando, Florida Area Industry

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View Tom Wagner's business profile as Manager Enterprise Project Management Center of Excellence at Duke Energy Corp. and see work history, affiliations and more.


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